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Love Is An Illusion Chapter 100 Release Date

love is an illusion chapter 100

Love is an Illusion is a manhwa written and illustrated by Fargo and published by Lezhin. In a world with pheromones where anyone can conceive, Park Dojin becomes involved in Kim Hyesung’s life. Let’s talk about Love Is An Illusion Chapter 100 release date, spoilers and characters.

Love Is An Illusion Chapter 100 Release Date:

Love is an illusion chapter 99 was released on April 5, 2021. It has been more than 2 months and we have not received chapter 100 yet from the author. It is expected chapter 100 will release in the first week of August.

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Love Is An Illusion Chapter 100 Spoilers:

Unfortunately, no raw scans have been released yet for chapter 100 and there have been no leaks from the creator.

Love is an illusion Chapter 100 Characters

Kim Hyesung    

Insisting he is an Alpha, Kim calls someone and voices that he got hit on by an annoying Alpha. Hyesung says he had spent all his money to attend the party he is at, looking all nice and handsome so he could find a rich Omega to restart his life. He appears genuinely shocked to learn that he is actually an Omega himself, believing otherwise since his test results received when he was younger stated him to be an Alpha. At the time he thought being an Omega sounded horrible, yet regardless of his result he was chastised as not being smart and good for nothing. He dropped out of high school during the last year and wandered from one job to another until he was twenty years old by the time he met Dojin. Born on September 23, at 20 years of age Kim had a height of 164cm, weight: 50kg. Zodiac Sign: Virgo [1] He is currently 22.

Park Dojin

From a family who are mostly composed of Alphas yet Dojin disagrees with the assessment that such a family is incredible because of that. He is also the lead singer in a band which is his current occupation. Attending a friend’s party he would later contemplate this as a bad choice because Omegas were also invited to that party. Dojin saw his friend, the one who hosted the party, debating with Hyesung that he looked like an Omega. He thought that his friend was pathetic for being unable to differentiate pheromones like he can. Dojin later came across Hyesung in the comfort room and he smelled him. Disgusted, Park released his own pheromones to counteract Hyesung’s. Dojin does not feel what he sees as a heat cycle and adds what Hyesung is experiencing is his problem. Nevertheless, he pulls Hyesung away when he is approaching other guests and takes him home out of concern to rest. The next day Dojin thought he will never see Hyesung again after walking out from him that morning. At a concert where Dojin performs, he finds and asks Hyesung why he walked out on the person who offered him kindness. He is currently 27 years old[2]. He was born on November 2[3]. Height:185cm. Weight: roughly 81kg. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

Yoon Heesoo

Dojin’s friend, a Beta who did not notice the Omega at the party they attended. He helpfully offers to find out how many are at the party, to then getting them something to eat. He considers a guest annoying, irate that he says whatever he wants even knowing he cannot face Dojin. Yoon helps Dojin further when he is performing on stage. He is currently dating Dojin’s brother, Dojun, who is an Alpha. He is 24 and was born on June 18. Height: 174cm. Weight: 62kg. Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Yoo Kyungsoo

Love Is An Illusion Chapter 100

Hyesung’s friend who is a Beta, and a fan of Dojin’s band. He has Hyesung stay over at his with his roommate Junsu after he was fired from his job and helps cheer him up when he is down. Kyungsoo is in a relationship with Lee Chowon who was previously married to Dojun.

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Park Byul

Born the 8th of February, Park Byul is the son of Park Dojin and Kim Hyesung. He was conceived accidentally when his mother went into heat. He showed signs that he probably have dominant alleles because he is sensitive to pheromones similar to Dojin. Height: 61.5cm. Weight: roughly 6.3kg. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.

Lee Chowon

Love Is An Illusion Chapter 100

Lee Chowon was previously married to Park Dojun, Park Dojin’s older brother. After previously filing for a divorce, Lee Chowon struggled to cope with the loss of his husband despite filing for the divorce himself. Lee Chowon is a very attractive dominant omega, who captivates everyone who lays eyes on him. While struggling with his temper tantrums he is percieved as a very cold hearted, bossy and foul character, but his perspectives change after experiencing a relationship with Yoon Kyungsoo. Chowon is now working to repair the damage he has caused and change for the better.

The character information is taken from Fandom

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