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Is ‘Kingdom Season 3’ binge watch worthy?

Last episode of Kingdom Season 2 was released in March 2014. After the success of first 2 seasons, fans waited 6 years for the 3rd one. The first episode of Season 3 was released in April 2020. Unfortunately, they had to stop it abruptly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But now it is back again.

So, let’s have a look at what this particular anime series has to offer and why is it so underrated.

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Kingdom is an adaptation of Manga version of the same name. Written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. On Dec, 2019 the announcement for the 3rd season was made. New production staff was to take care of the same. The season premiered on 6th April 2020. But because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, only 4 episodes were telecasted. After that, it was said to be delayed till further notice.

In the announcement made on October 2020, it was made clear that the episodes will resume from 6th April 2021 starting from the episode 1.

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Following the successful Sanyou campaign the Qin army along with 1000-man commander Li Xin are all set to fulfil King Ying Zheng’s dream, which is to unify China. Now Qin has its eyes eastward towards remaining warring states. In the meantime, Li Mu (newly appointed Prime Minister of Zhao) is taking advantage of Zhao’s temporary truce with Qin in order to negotiate with other states without any interruption. Ying Zheng realizes the purpose behind Li Mu’s truce when he receives a news that armies of certain states, namely, Chu, Zhao, Wei, Han, Yan, and Qi have crossed into the Qin territory. Though he is too late to realize it, he calls his advisors to devise a plan so they can address the coalition army of 6 states that is arriving at their doorstep.

The state of Qin faces this situation for the first time in history and the King must do something soon to protect its state from the massive destruction. They must use every strategy and resource they can think of to save Qin or it is in the high risk of getting wiped off from the maps.

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Learning from the Protagonists

As the story progresses, we can see Shin’s ideals very clearly for an instance, where he helps the wounded, be it civilians or men from the battlefield. Though, his purpose is to become one of the great generals of Qin, his approach is humanitarian. He wont just swing his sword on the enemies and this is how author has made his character different from the others.

El Sei, one of the protagonists was never seen crumbling into nothingness. He was like a source of light in the dark. Whenever the council people would panic, he would inspire, motivate, and fill them with enthusiasm.

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Delayed episode 14

Episode 14 recently went on air on 19th July 2021, delayed by 2 weeks. The reason however is still unknown to everyone. The anime discussion forums have just been predicting what could have happened. A few people think that it might have something to do with Japanese holidays, but no authentic information is available that we can rely on. Delay in the episode, is the reason why this anime was in the limelight for quite some time.

Well, Episode 14 is to show the conclusion of the battle between Qin and Chu’s army. Regardless of Han Ming’s physical strength, he cannot really break-through Hangu Pass alone. He must make tactical callouts. We will get to see what else he is capable of doing, in the upcoming episodes.

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Spoiler Alert

The Episode 14 of 3rd season is titled as “the mightiest man”. Which makes all of us wonder if its going to be about General Han Ming of Chu. According to the fan forums, he is fearless, and he can make anyone fear him with his strong personality. Every time he comes on the screen, the vibe changes. It is clear that the fight between him and Meng Wu is highly censored, because the ones who have read Manga version of it know how brutal the fight was portrayed in the Manga. Meng We however is not dead. He will come back stronger this time. They are still contesting for the title of the strongest in China. There are more spoilers, but we will leave it here so you can watch the episode and figure out about what happens next.


People enjoy watching it because it is believed to be based on actual history and they find it cool to watch. During the war there are amazing tactics that can be seen every now and then. Also, the animations in this season are better than the previous ones. It can be said that the budget is improved since they have revised the production team. This time, music appears to be better too. From the plot to action, this anime is believed to get your blood pumping and hype you up. Kingdom brings an array of emotions to the table. Here, you can focus on the main protagonist and as well as the other characters too. The screen time given to each one of them is really balanced. It can make you love the characters you once hated and vice-versa.

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To conclude, it is a highly underrated anime. Do not let bad reviews decide it for you. Watch it and decide for your own self.  Some reviews, also claim this anime to be worth binge-watching. Now that the season is going to end soon, there won’t be any delay in the episodes, and you can watch it however it pleases you. Anyone who loves war/action anime is sure to love this one.

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