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Dragon Quest Episode 41: Spoiler, Release date and all about it

GOOD NEWS! Episode 41 of Dragon Quest is going on air on 24th July 2021. Yes, the wait is going to be over soon for the fans. Since the last episode was left on a cliffhanger and the preview was kind of a spoiler, it’s going to be a pure treat to watch the episode and calm your eager soul. It will be available on platforms like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and VRN.


‘Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai’ is a very popular and loved Manga series. It is based on a video game franchise named Dragon Quest which is written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada. The anime adaptation of the same was announced during Jump Festa 2020 and it was said to be premiered around fall 2020. The anime is a hybrid of 2D and CG animation, produced by Toei Animation Studio, which has also produced famous animes like Dragon Ball Z One Piece, Digimon, etc.

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Dai is a young orphan boy who always dreamed to become a hero. He lives on Dermine Island and is raised by a group of monsters. Then Dai and his friends get set to go on a mission to fight with a group of bandits who appear to have kidnapped their friend, Gome.

When the trainer of heroes, Avan learns about Dai’s ventures he turns up at the island with his disciple, the magician Popp to become Dai’s teacher in order to prepare him for the confrontation with the Dark Lord Hadlar, who is back with an intention to take over on the world again. But Dai’s training is interrupted when Avan sacrifices himself while fighting with Hadlar. Dai and Popp are left with no option but to leave the island and start their journey to defeat Vearn and his tribe.

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Recap: Episode 40

The episode titled “Master of Darkness against his pupil”, is where Mystvearn (the commander of Shadow Legion in Vearn’s army) opens the gate of Dark Army Monsters to clash with the heroes. Later in the fight, Popp remembers the forbidden magic about the Five Finger Flares which he knows is risky to use but is still determined to take the risk and unleashes it, killing Mystvearn’s men. Crocodine and Maam can also be seen fighting the enemies.

When Mystvearn uses a Byut Deathstringer to kill Maam, Hyunckel arrives in the scene to face his former master on the battlefield. He blocks the attack by saying that ‘He is the light of justice’. But despite using all his strength, he is overpowered by the Dark Aura of the enemies.

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The entire episode has tons of witty fighting scenes that were highly enjoyed by the fans.

Dragon Quest Episode 41:

Spoiler Alert: Dragon Quest Episode 41

The preview of the episode contains a huge spoiler for all those who have not read the Manga version of it yet. It shows that at last, Dai’s Orihalcon Sword is complete. And he is seen joining the fight against Mystvearn, unleashing the true power of his crest.

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The preview did not only give a little spoiler tease to the fans but also invoked curiosity within them. The anime-discussion fan pages and sites are filled with exciting questions and possibilities about what might happen next.

After this episode, there will only be two left and because the climax is not far away, the excitement and thrill is just increasing with every episode.

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Exciting Fan-theories About Dragon Quest Episode 41

On the basis of previous episodes and the preview of the upcoming ones, fans have made several theories and the discussion forums appear to be very active. Let’s have a look at some common views of the fans where they have expressed their love for the series and excitement for the upcoming episodes.

“One of the best episodes in a while, Hyunckel vs Mystvearn scene looked so great. Well now the situation is tense for them, but the next part of the fight will be better with Dai. The cliffhanger. That’s actually a nice stop.”

“Ah, Hyunckel, always be an invincible guy. Interesting to see all those monologues. Master of Darkness against his pupil. Sounds cool, and the battle was also nice and fulfilled the expectations well enough. Too bad, this time Hyunckel can’t do much, Mystvearn just too great with his dark power.”

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These statements show that the cliffhanger in the last episode, did its work as everyone seemed to have loved the encounter of Hyunckel and Mystvearn.

Also, statements like “This series just keeps getting better, that Maam animation was amazing, and Popp has had one of the best arcs and transformations I’ve seen!”  show that Maam and Popp were loved as well.

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To sum it up, the excitement of fans is clearly visible from all the discussions taking place on various platforms. The cliffhanger and the entry of Hyunckel were like cherry on the cake. The preview definitely was a spoiler, but it only made fans more eager to watch the episode.

So, mark the date on your calendar because 4 days from now, on 24th July 2021 the most awaited episode will be available for the fans to watch.

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Dragon Quest is available at Crunchyroll

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