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Detective Conan Episode 1013- Spoilers, Release Date, Preview

Detective Conan Episode 1013- Spoilers, Release Date, Preview

Detective Conan is also known as Case closed is an anime series on air and new episodes are being released weekly. The next episode of this Japanese manga series will be dealing with a new and different case and here is some information including Spoilers, Release Date, Preview about the show.

Detective Conan- Synopsis

If you’re checking this anime out for the first time, this series revolves around Kudou Shin`ichi is a famous 17-year-old high school detective who helps the police solve cases. One day he was knocked down during the investigation of an organization. However, the drug shrunk him into a little kid instead of killing him. In retaliation, he changes his name to Edogawa Conan and takes on the identity of a primary school student who solves mysteries and crimes.

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Detective Conan Episode 1013 Release Date

Currently, season 29 of Detective Conan is airing. The next episode is named ‘the man who loved too much and is the 1013th episode of the show.  The next episode of detective Conan will be releasing on 24th July, on Saturday at 5:00 pmDetective Conan Episode 1013- Spoilers, Release Date, Preview

What Happened in Detective Conan Episode 1012

The 1011th and 1012th episodes of the show were divided into two parts and the case dealt with Maika Zenda who decides to kill her would-be husband, Toji Fukikoshi, in front of his villa. Yamamura and Detective Conan deal with this case to find the culprit who killed him. The audience appreciated this episode a lot because, after a long time, they could experience Yamamura and Conan’s arc.

Detective Conan Episode 1013 Preview

A small trailer was released where Conan and Kogoro are seen going to the store, where they pass a hose and encounter a crowd. A man was lying on the floor with blood pouring from his head in a flamboyant room. According to the neighbors, a burglar attacked him where he fought back which ended in his demise. Although the case seems to end in self-defense, this episode will deal with its depths and the twists it brings.

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What To Expect From Next Episode 1013

An intriguing aspect of the show is its different cases and the way the main protagonist solves them. In the trailer, we can already see that the burglar is not considered an ordinary one by Conan and there must definitely be some twist to it that will keep the audience at the end of their seats.
This show has always delivered quality content and mind-stimulating cases even after almost 1000 episodes; even now we can expect nothing but the same in this new episode

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Fan Theories You Should Get Behind

Fans have analyzed and come up with many theories over the years. If you’re new in the fandom these following fan theories will keep you updated and make you think outside the norm.

Akai’s Fake Death TechniqueAkai’s Fake Death Technique


In one of the episodes, fans have suspected that Akai’s death was faked. Here are a few hints to support the claim.
The place-name Raiha Pass, the location where Akai supposedly died, is derived from Reichenbach Falls, the location where Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty apparently fell to their deaths at the end of The Final Problem. It is later revealed that Sherlock survived the fall, but decided to fake his own death and go into hiding to protect himself and John Watson from Moriarty’s henchmen.

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The fake death contraption has been used previously in the manga. The first was used in the Black Pearl case by Sonoko Suzuki’s mother and the magician Kazumi Sanada. The second time, Yukiko brought a special vest onto the Bell Tree Express for faking Shiho’s death. Notably, the vest used several of the components that were necessary to fake Akai’s death. The vest was bullet-proof, with a fake blood-releasing contraption to make realistic-looking gunshots. Yukiko may have been able to supply similar theatrical components to Akai and Kir before the plan was put into action.
Excluding Akai’s apparent death, Gosho Aoyama has never killed off any character who has appeared in more than one case, much less a protagonist. The closest such situation was the flashback to the death of Jinpei Matsuda in “The Trembling Police Headquarters” arc, but it was stated that he died at the outset


Over the years it was suspected that after Akai faked his death he returned as Subaru Okiya, the FBI agent.
Fans believe there is some suggestive evidence such as they are both left-handed, they have similar appearances and habits, Conan trusts Okiya despite Haibara’s misgivings and Conan seems to know about his address despite never meeting him Mystery train. The mystery train arc gave many hints that Okiya is Akai. As pointed out earlier, he smiled at Sera when she mentioned Akai. The second one was when Haibara was about to take the drug and return to her adult form, he barged into the hallway and said, “Just as expected of sisters, I can read all your moves”, implying that he knew Haibara’s sister very well. This could not have been possible if he were just a graduate student living in Conan’s house. However, Akemi Miyano was Shuichi Akai’s girlfriend, and so it is possible that he was referencing the fact that he was Shuichi Akai

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Where To Watch Detective Conan Episode 1013

There are many anime streaming services available online. You can catch Detective Conan on Hulu and Crunchyroll. If you’re looking for free service, gogoanime, animetube and kissanime are great sites to check out


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Watch Detective Conan @Crunchyroll

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