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Hello, Twisted Manga Lovers

To all the manga enthusiasts who are  coming for first time, a big thank you from our side.

Who Are We

We, The Team have built this site to dedicated to all the manga lover all over the globe.

Why we built It again after shutting down? Well, Tough times ask for tough decisions. After seeing people suffer so much due to Covid, we decided to o something for people. So we built this Non-Profit Website which will help people in need.

Twisted Manga Mission

Twisted Manga  mission is to provide all the users from all over the world, latest news about the mangas.  We will be covering news of various mangas. Below is the list of mangas that we will be covering at Twisted Manga that is not limited to

1:The Beginning After the End
2 :When The Yakuza Falls In love
3: Boku no Hero Academia
4: Jujutsu Kaisen
5: Black Clover chapter 292
6: I Am The Sorcerer King
8: Red Candy
9: Ranker Who Lives A Second Time chapter

Twisted Manga Logo

Our logo is very close to our heart, and we have built it with great passion towards our readers and admirers

What You Can Expect From Us

You can expect all the latest news on various mangas including their release date, countdown , spoilers, explanation from previous chapters, Previous chapters summary in a nutshell, where to get their raw scans, Where to Buy Mangas and much more.

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Moreover if you want to connect with us, for work or any other reason tham you can contact us on our mail id: [email protected]

Thank You for your time Guys. See You Again.