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Monster Ball at Alwul House [Twisted Flash News]
Written by Fokita Manga   
Sunday, 04 November 2012 01:32

Hi Everyone, we recently attended an event in the heart of Phoenix Arizona called, Monster Ball. This event was hosted at the historic 100 year old Alwun House


Monster Ball at Alwul House [Twisted Flash News]


This Monster Ball is the Alwun House's annual Halloween party which includes amazing performances by local artists and is a great time for everyone to come dressed up in their favorite Halloween costumes.  



At the entrance of the house, guests were greeted by these huge 16 foot tall Black Widow spiders!




This year marked the 13th year anniversary of the Monster Ball, and we were treated to some special performance by local performing artist companies such as Opendance and Ignite Collaborative Arts who allowed us these wonderful photos below of their teams. ^___^




While there we stopped by the drinks area and a Santa Clause served us a special drink they called, Spider Venom. Glad it did not sting too bad. xD




As we finished our work there, we decided to go get some more photos for all of you of the cosplayers who attended the Monster Ball.  Here are the rest of the photos that we took. Enjoy!





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